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Birthstone Jewellery and Perre's Collections

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The tradition of using specific stones to commemorate birth months formally began in eighteenth-century Europe and quickly spread to the United States of America. In 1912, the American National Retail Jeweller’s Association created a standardised list of birthstones, which is still used by jewellers today. We think that birthstones make excellent gifts for birthdays, christenings and graduations, as they are a very personal and thoughtful way to demonstrate your friendship.

Here at Perre we make use of a wide range of gemstones in our jewellery, and so many of our collections and designs make excellent, personal gifts, which still retain a unique and unusual design. Here we have provided a list of the twelve birthstones, and a short summary of their characteristics and meanings – as well as some of our favourite designs which incorporate that stone!

January – Garnet

The word ‘garnet’ derives from the Latin word ‘garantus’, meaning ‘seedlike’ – which is in reference to the pomegranate, with its deep red seeds strongly resembling the colour of a garnet. Garnets are available in many colours but are most associated with a deep, claret red. They make an excellent gift for January birthdays, but also romantic gifts, as they symbolise passion, true friendship, fidelity and devotion.

We incorporate garnets into many of our designs, as it is a versatile and rich colour which enhances both gold and silver. For example, our Bird Branch collection features a synthetic fire opal alongside garnets and peridot to bring out its brightness and colour. We also have a number of very popular designs which make use of the garnet alone, allowing its naturally rich colour to make a statement. Particularly popular are our Brushed Silver and Garnet collection, our Apple Blossom collection, and our Silver Garnet Cluster collection – all of which feature beautifully-cut garnets and sterling silver. Find our garnet range here.

February – Amethyst

Amethysts range from a light purple to very deep purple, and hence have long been associated with royalty. They are renowned for promoting soberness, levelheadedness, intelligence and nimble thoughts – making them a perfect gift!

One of our most popular collections at Perre is our Thistle collection, which makes use of small amethyst fragments to form the Scottish national flower. Staying with the floral theme, our beautiful Autumn Leaves ring also incorporates amethysts, reflecting the changing colours of Autumn and the deeper, richer colours we associate with the colder months. Finally, one of our three variations of the Beloved Bark ring features a smooth, almond-shaped amethyst as its central stone, flanked by a faceted amethyst, green quartz and a silver band resembling tree bark, making this a very contemporary and stunning piece. Find our amethyst pieces here.

March – Aquamarine

The birthstone of March is the aquamarine, a blue variety of the beryl mineral. They range from a very pale blue to a deep, sea blue – although they are most common in a paler colour. They have long been associated with the sea and well-being, and are a great token for travellers and ocean lovers!

Our designs which make use of aquamarines are very classic pieces. For example, our silver aquamarine necklace features an oval-cut pale blue aquamarine in a claw setting, with three white zircons on the bail. We have two rings which complement the necklace nicely, the first featuring aquamarines in an emerald cut with white zircons, while the second features a round cut aquamarine, with small white zircons flanking it. Our final piece is a beautiful silver ring with five Brazilian sea-blue aquamarines in an oval cut, totalling 2.05cts in total.

April – Diamond

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone on the jewellery market, particularly used in engagement, wedding and eternity rings. They are noted for their brilliance and dispersion, and are graded on the Four C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat. They are used to connote strength and resilience, due to being one of the strongest materials on earth.

We have a stunning diamond ring, which has a sterling silver band with a pear-shaped setting, with forty South African diamonds, totaling 1/8ct. We think this would make a very elegant gift, perfect for both an engagement and a birthday gift! We also have a more modern take on the diamond ring, with our set of three stacker rings, one sterling silver, one rose gold-plated, and one yellow gold-plated. They can be worn separately, but together the diamond clusters form a cross. Find our diamond range here.

May – Emerald

May’s birthstone is the emerald, which can actually be more valuable than a diamond carat for carat, due to their rarity. They are known as a good luck stone, thought to bring fortune and true love to their wearer.

We have some very beautiful cloudy emerald studs, in a lovely shade of green which would make a great classic gift. We also have more of a statement piece, which is our Freshwater Pearl and Emerald Necklace, containing ivory freshwater pearls and striking emerald beads.

June – Pearl

June’s birthstone is the pearl, an organic gem with an iridescent sheen. Most pearls on the market today are cultured, meaning that a small grain or plastic bead is placed inside a mollusc, which sparks the creation of layers of a pearly substance. They can range from white and ivory, to pinks, purples and greys – and here at Perre we have every colour to match everyone’s style!

We have many designs which make use of cultured freshwater pearls in various styles, including baroque and fireball pearls. Our most impressive pearl ring features a large baroque pearl encased in a sterling silver band, with green nano spinel – making this a very unique piece. We also have necklaces and bracelets composed of a string of irregular shaped freshwater pearls, complete with a silver charm of a heart, bee, or dragonfly. Finally, particularly admired is our Baroque Pearl, Bee and Honeycomb collection, which we think makes a fantastic gift due to its unique design and beautiful central pearl. We have many more designs which make use of stunning pearls, which you can find here.

July – Ruby

July’s birthstone is the ruby, which is an extremely rare and beautiful stone. They are available in many shades of red, but the most prized is a blue-toned deep red. By far the most valuable ruby on the jewellery market is the star ruby, which is deep red with a hint of blue or purple, and notably containing a flash of white in the centre which resembles a star.

We have some classic ruby pieces which would make perfect gifts for anybody. Particularly exciting is our Gold Ruby ring, which has a gold-plated band resembling beads, with a deep circular ruby - this is a modern take on a classic design, making it a great gift! If you prefer something more unusual, we also have our Ruby and White Topaz ring, which contains a Madagascan ruby surrounded by a circle of bright white topaz. Browse our whole ruby range here.

August – Peridot

Peridot is August’s birthstone, and it belongs to a group of minerals called olivine. The word ‘peridot’ actually derives from the Old French word ‘peritot’, meaning gold, due to its golden green colour. Peridot is considered to be very beneficial to one’s mental wellbeing by countering negative emotions, making it the perfect stone for emotional balance and inner peace.

The green colour of peridot makes it the perfect stone for our designs, as we draw so much inspiration from nature! Our serene Peridot and Amethyst Butterfly collection features a backdrop of sterling silver branches, an 18ct gold-plated butterfly, and complementary green peridot and purple amethyst stones, really reflecting common tones found in Scotland’s wildlife. Another very stylish ring is our Green Life ring, which has a brushed sterling silver band topped with a cluster of almond-shaped peridot. Finally, our stunning Silver Peridot collection features some very detailed silver-work with pear-shaped peridots, making this quite a simple yet striking collection. Find our entire peridot line here.

September – Sapphire

September’s birthstone is the sapphire, a very deep blue stone. Sapphires are thought to bring wisdom, virtue and fortune to the wearer, with its deep colour being associated with holiness and luxury.

We have very classic sapphire pieces here at Perre, including our classic deep blue 2.5ct sapphire ring. If you’d prefer something a little more unusual, we have a Moonstone, Sapphire and Enamel Butterfly Brooch and Necklace. The butterfly’s wings are enamelled in a Plique-à-Jour style, meaning that they are translucent, just like real butterfly wings. There are also moonstones on the wings and body, and two sapphires for eyes. This is a very special piece, and is adaptable for each person, as it can be worn as a necklace or as a brooch! Browse our sapphire range here.

October – Opal

Opals are a stunning stone which display a whole spectrum of colours under a light. There are many variations of opals, including black opals, fire opals and common opals. Their breath-taking appearance and beauty ensures that opals are a great gift, and we make use of them frequently in our designs.

The most common form of opal used in Perre’s designs are synthetic fire opals, due to their very striking appearance. Our remarkable Butterfly Flower collection features an 18ct gold-plated butterfly perched atop a sterling silver flower containing a round synthetic fire opal, and flanked by garnet and peridot. Just as popular is our Fire Opal Bee collection, containing a large rectangular synthetic fire opal, with 18ct gold-plated bees sitting on a sterling silver and gold-plated honeycomb. For a more contemporary piece, we have our Mountain Top earrings and ring, featuring an etched sterling silver mountain range, with a synthetic fire opal and a small diopside. Finally, if you’d prefer a classic piece, we have a very special 9ct gold band, with an oval cut 0.5ct Ethiopian opal in a claw setting – a perfect gift for that special someone in your life! Find our opal range here.

November – Topaz

Topaz is available in a very wide range of shades, including yellows, pinks, blues and purples – however the most common topaz used in jewellery is blue topaz. As the majority of natural topaz is clear, most topaz on the market has been heat-treated to obtain very rich colours. It is an excellent stone for sparking creative energies and inspiration, and is thought to foster great relationships, making them a perfect gift for friends and family!

One of Perre’s sweetest collections is our Blue Topaz Bird Branch collection, featuring a sterling silver tree, with an 18ct gold-plated bird and a round cut blue topaz. We also have a number of very modern and abstract designs featuring blue topaz, including our Hollow Leaves and Hammered Blue Topaz collections, which both feature gorgeous Swiss blue topaz. Finally, as the colour of blue topaz may make you think and dream about being by the sea, we have an aquatic themed collection too! Our Mermaid collection is very fun, featuring an abstract mermaid’s tail of sterling silver, with an oval sea-blue topaz. Find our topaz range here.

December – Turquoise

Turquoise is a mineral which has been used in jewellery for thousands of years, with a very intense bright blue-green colour and often with a black marbled texture. It is a stone of friendship and is said to ensure the household remains peaceful with a positive energy. We think it’s a great stone to brighten up the colder months!

Turquoise has such a striking colour, and we have a number of pieces which really make use of it as a feature stone. For example, one of our most popular necklaces is our Turquoise Party necklace, featuring many turquoise and crystal beads, carefully hand-strung to form a thick necklace which is sure to make a statement. Our Chunky Turquoise Ring similarly makes use of the stone’s natural beauty, featuring a large 35mmx18mm oval turquoise on a silver band. Finally, if you’d like to send a gift capturing both the beauty of turquoise and a love for Scotland, we have Celtic Trinity Knot earrings which come in a variety of colours, including this bright turquoise. Find our whole turquoise range here.

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