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Autumn at Perre

As Edinburgh’s cobbled streets slowly collect crunchy, fiery red leaves, it’s clear that Autumn is officially here. There's truly no better place to be in Autumn than Edinburgh, with its dramatic appearance - and equally dramatic weather! Here at Perre, we have so many amazing pieces to brighten up any gloomy day and match any cosy outfit you choose whilst you get your pumpkin spice fix. Many of our collections feature the most perfect autumnal shades - warming gold vermeil, citrine, peridot, amethyst and garnet are our top picks to complement any outfit this season.

While the hazy days of summer with their abundance of fragrant flowers have officially come to an end, this doesn't mean that Scotland's natural beauty has nothing to offer. As we swap seaside strolls for brisk walks through the woods, Perre has your style covered this season. If you’re a true autumn lover, our Autumn Leaves Ring is definitely the piece for you. Handmade using sterling silver, garnet, peridot and a gold vermeil acorn, this ring truly captures the organic and beautiful hues of the season, making us daydream about past strolls through the woods. Or take a look at our Iris Collection, handmade using sterling silver and enamel in the most beautiful auburn and violet colours. These colours will really brighten up any outfit, and the depiction of the iris - which symbolises wisdom and strength - makes it a great choice for the colder months. The final stop on our stroll through this transitional season is to look at the furling ferns, which pad the forest floors and curl around sturdy trees. Our gorgeous vermeil Fern Collection is complemented by nano green spinel to add some much-needed warmth and sparkle to your wardrobe.

Here at Perre we think there’s nothing better than accessorising your cosy, everyday jumpers with the most eye-catching and unique pieces. Take our Large Baroque Pearl Necklace, complete with pumpkin-coloured carnelian, which makes the most perfect and chic autumnal accessory – perfect over a simple jumper! Or our brand new Tumbling Leaves Collection, featuring a beautiful sterling silver twisting leaf complete with an ivory freshwater pearl and gold vermeil accents. And one of our most popular collections – our Citrine Bee Collection – is another perfect statement piece, comprised of a sterling silver honeycomb with warm, golden citrine and a gorgeous vermeil bumblebee. Finally, for those who prefer to dress with the dramatic Autumn sky in mind, there is nothing more perfect than our Black Freshwater Pearl Heart Necklace and Bracelet, with their iridescent pearls which flash black, purple and blue – unique pieces which are sure to brighten up a rainy day.

Browse through our website or visit our Edinburgh stores to see all of our beautiful collections, and find your perfect seasonal pieces. From our Synthetic Opal, Garnet and Peridot Bird Collection, to our simple sterling silver and gold vermeil Poppy Ring, and our intricate Bamboo Ring, complete with leafy green nano spinel - we have this season and all of its warm colours and crisp weather covered!

And with Halloween just around the corner, you can also sneak a peek at our spooky Bat Collection...

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