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Perre's Secret Garden

Welcome to our secret garden, which is humming with the fragrant smell of wildflowers and succulent fruits and berries. Our garden contains a wide variety of jewellery collections depicting pretty flowers, blossoming trees and blooming shrubs which will entice you, and remind you of past walks through the woods and hazy summer picnics in meadows. We would like to give you a special tour through our collections and show you the delights of nature!

The Forest

We’ll start the tour in the earthy forest, which smells like rain and feels warm and humid. A stream trickles by at a slumbering pace at one side, and the moss-covered trees form a canopy all around us. On the ground, nestled in a shady crevice, is the forget-me-not, a flower which ranges in colour from pink to blue, and which famously represents true love and long-lasting connections.

Our unforgettable forget-me-not collection takes inspiration from this shady flower, featuring a cluster of enamelled blue forget-me-nots with citrine centres, on a sterling silver etched rectangle. As we continue on our woodland walk, we come to a group of towering oak trees, bearing their sturdy little acorns and our charming autumn leaves ring. This ring also bears a small golden acorn, along with glistening garnet and peridot stones, truly capturing the warm tones of autumnal strolls in the forest.

We move on, hopping over a stream to reach our fabulous fern collection, redolent in golden and green tones. Here, slender golden vermeil leaves hold numerous green nano spinels, capturing the subtle delicacy of the fern. However, there's now a slight chill in these woods, so we’d best head somewhere a little warmer.

The Meadow

Our tour continues into a meadow on a warm summer's day, with bumblebees lazily flying around pollinating the clusters of wildflowers growing there. We first encounter a childhood memory – the daisy, which sparks memories of making daisy chains under the summer sun. Nestled among the daisies is our chunky daisy collection, where a beautiful silver etched rectangle bears a stem and blossoming daisy, complete with sunny citrine pieces.

If we follow this dirt path through our meadow, we come to a bright patch of poppies, swaying gently in the breeze. Our numerous poppy collections speak to the popularity of this gentle flower, and its connotations of remembrance, sleep and peace.

Whether you’d prefer a more subtle silver piece or a brightly enameled poppy – the choice is yours! We finally make our way to the curly irises, their purple and yellow petals catching our eye among the grass. If you prefer the classic purple iris, we have an auburn and violent iris collection, with enameled petals on a silver background. Alternatively, if you like the bright sunniness of yellow irises, we have a fabulous freshwater pearl iris collection, which displays an iris with beautiful yellow petals, and finished with garnet, peridot, and a cream freshwater pearl.

The Orchard

At the end of our path is a small orchard, with various fruit trees standing sturdy behind the fence. We first come to an apple tree, with juicy apples causing the branches to droop slightly. These branches are also home to little pink apple blossoms, which symbolise the renewal and growth of springtime.

Our garnet apple blossom collection is an abstract take on apple blossoms, with etched silver bark holding a blooming oval garnet. Lining the path back out of the orchard are numerous cherry blossom trees – they lack fruit but contain an abundance of beautiful pink flowers. These blossoms are classic symbols of springtime and the passing of time. You need to be quick to catch them, as they only survive for two weeks before cascading to the floor. Our cherry blossom collection will remain with you for much longer, displaying cherry blossoms in clear quartz, garnet or peridot, and complete with a freshwater pearl.

Perre's Secret Garden

After following this blossom-filled path out of the orchard and meadow, we come to the end of this tour of Perre’s secret garden. We hope you enjoyed taking in these beautiful sights and landscapes! Here at Perre we draw inspiration from all of these landscapes and more, and we love to capture the beauty of wildflowers – as well as the ocean, insects and creatures. And there are many more delights to be found in the secret garden, so if you enjoyed what you saw on your tour, be sure to have an even closer look at all of our floral collections.

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