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Perre's Hammered Jewellery

Hammered jewellery is currently a very popular trend, as hammering allows for a contemporary look, where every piece is unique! Hammering is as it sounds – a technique whereby a hammer is used to create small indents on a piece of jewellery. It allows for a more rustic and organic finish, with the indents creating a new texture to the jewellery which can elevate even a very simple band.


Minimalistic jewellery – characterised by its simple shapes and lack of complexity – often has a hammered finish, as it produces a chic and modern finish which adds a twist to a simplistic design. One of our most popular rings incorporates a hammered finish, and certainly follows the minimalist trend! Available in three similar designs, our spinning rings are thick and comprise two main sections. The bottom of the ring contains the ‘spinning’ bands, and on top is a hammered strip of silver. This design is popular for a reason – the hammered silver elevates it beyond a simple band to make it very eye-catching. If you like the minimalist look, but would prefer a collection which has a bit of colour, have a browse of our hammered topaz collection. Hammered triangular silver is complemented by blue topaz, amethyst and peridot gemstones of different shapes, creating a contemporary, abstract design whilst retaining a minimalistic style which can be worn anywhere!

Ocean Vibes

Hammered jewellery also reminds us of being at a pebbled beach, watching the crashing waves and foamy sea spray. By adding vibrant blue topaz to hammered silver, we’ve created a collection which makes us feel like we’ve been transported to the seaside! Our silver sea spray collection makes us reminisce about feeling the salty ocean air, as it perfectly captures the appearance of frothy sea foam spilling from a wave. If, like us, you enjoy being by the sea, then you’ll love our black pearl and hammered heart necklace, which we think perfectly captures the feeling of walking down a beach. These amazing freshwater pearls have a green-blue-purple sheen depending on the light, just like mussel shells nestled in the sand! The necklace is finished with a silver hammered heart, a perfect example of how hammering can transform a simple piece of jewellery into something very beautiful and special. Another of our hammered pieces looks just like a beloved treasure which has been lost on the ocean floor. Our dome of love collection is comprised of twisting hammered silver, home to small ivory freshwater pearls and a dome of rose quartz – the combination of hammered silver and clusters of pearls make this a treasure to be prized for many years!

Hammered Jewellery at Perre

We have many more designs which make use of hammered textures to create uniquely contemporary pieces! From this necklace which features hammered silver alongside a lovely Swiss blue topaz to create a bold design, to our bunch of berries collection, where small vibrant garnets are housed in a circular hammered pendant, reminiscent of a ripe pomegranate – we love the look of hammered silver. If you also like the organic, natural look which hammering produces, then find our entire range here.

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