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Edinburgh Castle and Castle Rock

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Here at Perre, one of our most beloved and treasured pieces of jewellery is our Edinburgh Castle necklace

This necklace displays the rugged beauty of Edinburgh Castle, which is highly recognisable, perched atop Castle Rock. The sterling silver chain finishes with a bail and an opalescent moonstone connected to a further chain, which holds the main pendant – the sterling silver castle against a circular backdrop of deep blue agate.

Unique Blue Agate

A charming feature of this necklace is that due to our appreciation of natural stones, the blue agate will slightly differ with every piece. The naturally diverse agate stones therefore provide a different backdrop for every piece – some with a bluer and clearer sky, and others with a spattering of clouds and veins.

Not only does this reflect the dramatic weather of Edinburgh, but provides each wearer with a very unique, one-of-a-kind necklace. The stones utilised in this design hold various positive meanings for the wearer. Blue agate symbolises calmness, relaxation and positivity, and is said to have great healing energies.


Meanwhile, moonstone releases strength to the wearer, as well as intuition and inspiration. These stones together grant the wearer a calm and soothing creativity.

Whether you consider the meanings and uses of gemstones to be true or not, Edinburgh Castle is an iconic fortress, with a long history dating back thousands of years, making our necklace an excellent token to commemorate your love of Edinburgh.

Impressive Landmark

It is safe to say that Edinburgh Castle is a dramatic and rugged attraction, with a long and rich history. Its position on top of Castle Rock ensures its presence is visible throughout much of Edinburgh’s Old and New Town and will undoubtedly frame many people’s memories of Edinburgh.

In fact, the Castle is only a short walk up the historic Royal Mile from our Cockburn Street store, and it towers beautifully above our Rose Street store, providing an angle of the Castle very similar to the one displayed on our necklace.

Our Edinburgh Castle necklace can therefore help wearers to relive their memories of this unique city, and serves as a reminder of this historic, impressive landmark.

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